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Evan's life was a gift. Evan lived fully. Evan's story is about the love of swimming, love of life, and love of Jesus.

Romans 8:28

Siloam Springs Police Department Gets Swift Water Rescue Gear

Police officers and first responders met with Tracy Billingsley of the Evan Thomas Foundation on Tuesday for a donation ceremony at the Police Department. The foundation made a donation of four swift water rescue kits to the police department, which Police Chief Jim Wilmeth said didn't have any water rescue gear before the donation. The donation epitomizes the work of the foundation in the two years since Evan Thomas' tragic drowning in the Illinois River, just downstream of the Siloam Springs Kayak Park, on June 17, 2014. Billingsley, who is Thomas' mother, and the foundation have partnered with first responders, veterans and swim teams in sponsorships, scholarships and donations in her son's honor, - Michael Burchfiel, Herald Leader 


One of Evan's favorite verses was Romans 8:28. "All for good" R8:28 has become part of his signature logo and it's truth has brought hope and comfort to his loved ones. 

When a champion swimmer enjoying a day at the river with his friends and family drowns, what then? You look for "good". You do good. You promote good. Shortly after Evan's death, the Evan Thomas Memorial scholarship was established at Siloam Springs High School. The foundation expands Evan's legacy by partnering with established organizations and providing scholarships for their related activities. Currently we are working with:

USA Swimming Foundation - Make A Splash

Families United to Prevent Drownings - support for grieving families

Michael Phelps Foundation 

Siloam Springs Flyers


Illinois River Watershed Partnership

The goal of Evan Thomas foundation is to: 

•Foster the love of swimming •support swim education programs •promote the sport of swimming •offer hope and help encourage others who have lost loved ones to drowning

Evan’s life was a gift. You will live a full life only when you live fully in the gift of each moment. Evan lived fully.

Every day his family celebrates his life remembering his music, his laughter, his sports and playfulness, his loving people and loving Jesus.

You are all asked to remember him now and always.



Red Cross Lifeguard Certification

Swim Lessons

Membership and Fees for AquaHawgs

Membership and Fees for Siloam Springs Flyers




P.O. Box 339

Siloam Springs, AR



Facebook: Evan Thomas Foundation



The Evan Thomas  Charitable Fund has partnered with Arkansas Community Foundation to grow, protect, and direct all charitable dollars given. All gifts are tax deductible. Gifts can be sent directly to:
Evan Thomas Charitable Fund

C/O Arkansas Community Foundation
1400 W. Markham St. #206
Little Rock, AR 72201

Arkansas Community Foundation

If donating by card, please click the donate button below.


Please make sure to make checks out to EVAN THOMAS CHARITABLE FUND. 

NOT Evan Thomas Foundation.



For information on the class and to register, contact Crystal at (817) 437-1288.For scholarship information, contact the Evan Thomas Foundation at (479)228-4442

or apply with the link at the bottom of this section.


Evan Thomas Foundation is happy to provide this opportunity for you to participate in a swim experience.



*Red Cross Lifeguard Certification

*Swim Lessons

*Membership and Fees for AquaHawgs

*Membership and Fees for Siloam Springs Flyers

*Student-Athlete Scholarship

(The Student-Athlete Scholarship is open to all student-athletes who plan to attend a 4 year college. Students must be currently enrolled in high school or junior college.)

Each applicant should click on the link below. Print out the form. Fill in the required information and mail to:

Evan Thomas Foundation

PO Box 339

Siloam Springs, AR 72761


Bottom of Form

Terms and conditions

  • Unless noted otherwise, you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • You must provide your mailing address so that we can send you paperwork to complete if you are selected as a scholarship recipient.
  • To be awarded a scholarship, a recipient must be enrolling in a program that partners with the Evan Thomas Foundation or be previously approved by the foundation. Scholarship proceeds will be directly remitted to that program. Prior to the recipient beginning participation in the program, they will need to complete a Payment Form that specifically identifies where to send the award payment. If this form is not completed, the award will not be disbursed, and the recipient may forfeit the award.
  • By applying for a scholarship, applicant grants Evan Thomas Foundation permission to post their name on www.evanthomasfoundation.com or in other marketing communications in the event they are awarded the scholarship.
  • Scholarship recipients will be encouraged, but not required to submit a current photo and submit a publicity release granting Evan Thomas Foundation permission to use their photo on www.evanthomasfoundation.com and in other Evan Thomas Foundation communications.
  • In order to ensure a fair and equitable selection process, Evan Thomas Foundation may retain the services of a third-party scholarship administrator to select and notify scholarship recipients, to verify recipient information, and to remit scholarship proceeds to the receiving program. Evan Thomas Foundation and/or its designated third-party scholarship-selection service have sole discretion of selecting scholarship recipients.
  • Evan Thomas Foundation reserves the right to change the scholarship programs at any time, including available scholarships, deadlines, requirements, award amounts or other program details.

Your information is safe with us. Evan Thomas Foundation Privacy Policy applies to all Evan Thomas Foundation scholarships. See eligibility requirements for each scholarship for more details.



Below are the links to register for the 2018 Birthday Splash Bash events:

Underwater Scavenger Hunt


Click the following link to download the sponsor sheet for the SWIMATHON ONLY

Swimathon Sponsor Sheet

To pay online with a credit card, or Apple Pay Click the link below






Get ready to have fun and raise funds by participating in this special event hosted by the Evan Thomas Foundation! To qualify as a participant in the swimathon, you will enlist sponsors and collect the donations toward your swim. The minimum amount of money pledged will be $25 per swimmer. The goal is to collect as many donations as possible!

1. Swimmers collect donations from sponsors. All donations need to be collected prior to the event. Sponsors may be anyone!

2. Each sponsor’s name, contact information and donation amount will be included on the Sponsor Sheet. Sponsor Sheets and donations need to be turned in on Swimathon day.

3. On the day of the Swimathon, lifeguards will be providing supervision of the lap swim. Each group will swim during a specified period in our pool.

4. During the Swimathon, swimmers are allowed to stop as needed for bathroom and water breaks. If a swimmer needs to stop, they simply move to a corner of their lane or get out of the pool so other swimmers may continue unimpeded. Older swimmers are encouraged to stop as little as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: swimming aids of any form are not allowed.


Born on March 23, 1998, Evan made sure his friends and family knew his favorite things included swimming and birthday pie! So at Evan’s Splash Bash friends and family will gather to cheer on those who swim laps, underwater scavenger hunt and/or buy pies to raise money for the Evan Thomas Foundation. Monies raised will go toward the mission of the foundation. This will be part of a fun-packed day in memory of Evan’s 20th birthday!